Flex Trim


Curved trim? No problem

Producing the Perfect Curve has just gotten easier and more cost effective! Some of the benefits in using Flex Trim is:
  • Ultra-Strength, Outstanding Performance in All Climates
  • Extremely Durable Does Not Warp, Crack or Split
  • Nails, Cuts & Sands Just Like Wood, No Pre-Drilling
  • All Parts Pre-Primed
  • Easy to Paint or Stain
  • Use standard wood working tools
  • Interiors or Exteriors
  • Now available in over 45,000
  • ​Larger Radius are Pre-Bent in the factory
  • Pre-formed Radius Casing
  • Pre-formed Crown Moulding
  • Flex Base, Chair Rail, & Base Cap
  • Custom lengths or in spools up to 500 feet long!