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ACME was started in 1988 and today holds 7 patents on their products with installations in over 1 million homes across North America! CEILTRIM is proud of our relationship with ACME; in the last year we have created two new products for the ACME line-up; the Astroid Soffit and the Eyebrow Roof Dormer. As we add new clients to our business we know they too will be impressed with the ACME product and the service they get from both ACME and ourselves.

Back in 1985 an engineer living in southern California was given the task of building his son a skate board ramp. As expected, the engineer/dad built his son a fine ramp, sturdy in construction with all the curve he could get out of the MDF he had used for the ramp without sacrificing strength.

The son used the ramp and it was good, but it was only good. The son wanted to jump higher. Dad knew that curving the MDF more would make it too weak and the ramp would break possibly injuring his son. So dad started work on version 2.0

He needed thicker MDF for greater strength but the stores didn’t sell thicker MDF back then so he made his own by laminating several sheets of MDF together. But now the laminated MDF sheets were too thick to bend. He tinkered and experimented in his garage until he found a solution. He discovered he could bend the thick laminated MDF sheets and cure the glue using a radio frequency generator. When the wood came out of the machine the curve was permanently locked into the MDF. Problem solved; a stronger skate board ramp with maximum curve; the son was very happy.

​Dad was smart enough to realize there must be another application for this thick curved piece of laminated MDF? The eureka moment happened when dad looked at a poorly made archway in his house. It had a flat spot. That flat spot had bothered him for years. That was when he realized he could use his invention to make perfect arches for new homes being built. From arches came curved ceilings like barrel vaults and groin vaults and eventually dome ceilings.

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